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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"
- The Bhagavad Gita


My name is Noraini, a mother of three and I am a freelance yoga instructor.  I have been in the fitness community for more than two decades and currently teaching several private and group classes. 

For too long, I was under the impression that physical strength and endurance is the only way to become an instructor and that I will never have the courage or confidence to become one. However, I stumbled upon my passion by accident.  It all started in 2012 after going through a major breakdown of depression. Research has shown that many people have benefited from yoga.

Prior to yoga, I have been doing a lot of other sports activities. But when I was introduced to Bikram hot yoga in late 2012, I felt very connected and I slowly felt the improvement.  Over time, I have progressively increased my strength and felt more energized. I also attended other types of yoga classes and kept on learning to motivate myself ever since. Over the years I began to feel more and more confident and positive.  I felt the overall improvement of my wellness too after I started changing my diet.

In 2015, I registered for 200hr Yoga Teachers’ Training to learn more about yoga and the basic foundation & fundamental. At the same time I was interested in holistic wellness such as learning Reiki (energy healing) and usage of essential oils as part of my practice.

I am currently pursuing Yoga Therapy & Pilates Teachers’ Training. My goal is to keep learning for my own personal development and set my intention to help others by sharing my experiences and to motivate other individuals who are willing and want to change. I am also a volunteer in Singapore Association of Mental Health and in the midst of publishing my book.

Classes are suitable for beginners who wanted to get some stretching and cardio. Also great for deskbound people to help improve on postures and productivity (please check disclaimer). More class options are available on my website as well as on my social media.  Any changes to the class schedule will be updated.

Namaste 🕉️🙏 


"You can't always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside."


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"The light within me honors the light within you"

Review from Students

"Observant yogi who rectifies the natural bad posture many of us may lean towards to. Her classes always makes us realise the tension we have burdened our bodies with throughout the work day, and managed to guide us to release it during her classes. Thank you ❤ ~ Ng Ching Hui"

"The experience in yoga wif Noraini was n still an awesome one. I always looked forward to her classes. It benefited me alot. E.g. Shoulders opening was great espy I lift weights daily and this helps relieve the tension. Another is the lower back, using the block is a good relieve. Now I'm pestering her to showcase her classes to more students like us. Stay on this page to check out her future classes ~ Letchime Pang"

"My mother, sister and I had been engaging Noraini for private yoga classes for a period of time and we were very pleased with how she delivered her classes. Noraini taught with patience and put a lot of heart into designing each yoga session to suit our needs every week. She never failed to check in with us on our mental and physical state before beginning the class, constantly kept a close eye on us and always corrected our postures appropriately. Noraini exuded calmness and warmth in her demeanor, and made us feel very comfortable and cared for under her guidance. We could not have asked for a more professional yoga instructor, and we recommend Noraini’s work without hesitation ~ Erin Lee"

email to: yogiexposure@gmail.com


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